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I design great websites and all sorts of interactive products from start to finish 

Meet The Founder


Founder & Designer

I'm a self-taught web designer, a freelancer and an enthusiastic about design and Marketing.

I have started 8 years ago to build my own yoga website, and I now create websites for several customers

all over the world.

I have an artistic background, and I studied at the professional Institute of Fashion and Design in my hometown Turin, in Italy. Becoming a Web Designer hasn't been difficult for me.

As an artist myself it is natural for me to focus on beauty, esthetic balance, the harmony of the elements and yet respect my customer's aim, and ideas. I have taken private courses with multiple web Master to understand better the language of the web, and in NYC I attended a program dedicated to HTML and CSS.

I use multiple platforms to create for my clients, but my favorite is now Wix. It is functional, fun, dynamic, and beautiful. 

Websites nowadays need to be energy efficient, easy to navigate, and organized. I'm not a minimalist, but if you want a minimalist website, I will do it for you :-)


How I Work


Simona works remotely only, you can easily communicate with Simona over WhatsApp or zoom chat room. Simona is highly responsive but you may consider that sometimes she is in a different time zone (she travels often to Europe).

Please read the following information to start working with Simona.

Once you have received your free 30 minutes consultation, and Simona has offered you a quote you can decide to proceed and work with her or not.

There is no commitment until the first payment is made.

In order to initiate a project:

  • both parties must sign an electronic agreement that explains all the rules, ethic and integrity of a job agreement;

  • In addition to the electronic signature, the customer has to make a deposit equal to 50% of the quote agreed;

  • The balance can be paid in small installments no more than two, and the login info will be provided only at the end of the project and when the balance is fully paid. However, you will be able to check the progress of your job, and request edits as Simona work on it. 


Once the work is done before closing the project you will have one more chance to check everything for the final editing. Once these edits are done, you approve the project and you will pay the final balance.

Any additional editing is due to an extra charge.

Also, be aware that if you have approved all the editing and the website until the end, and at the end, you change your mind, you will be responsable of paying the full balance as agreed. If you want your website redone you will have to pay extra for the extra work, so check the edits very well from the start.

What I Do


Simona WebDesign offers a comprehensive series of services from website building and creation, to website maintenance, social media manager, business consulting.

Simona is a very creative woman, with a passion for technology. 

Simona is an artist who has always explored the artistic way to express her creativity, making websites and create posts for your social media is just part of her work.

Simona has the ability to tune in to your ideas, and ideal goals, which makes her incredibly good to translate into a website your business idea and help you to become successful.

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